Emergency Provision (Cassette)

Imminent Starvation - Emergency Provision (FN019)

By Imminent Starvation




A1     Asphyxia     
A2     Close To Starvation     
A3     Selfdestruct     
A4     Trinobantes     
A5     Scrape     
A6     Alone In The Cell     
A7     Against Their Peace-Keepers     
A8     Stray Dog     
A9     The Face In The Mirror     
A10     Afraid Of The Dark     
B1     Link Addiction     
B2     Human Tragedy     
B3     Expugnantis     
B4     Escape From The Cell     
B5     House Of God     
B6     Cime     
B7     Untitled     
B8     Paranoiacs Dogs (Instrumental)     
B9     Manu Militari     
B10     Dust


'Emergency Provision' recorded in 1992-1993, originally self-released in 1993.
'Untitled' & 'Paranoiacs Dogs (Instrumental)' recorded in 1993, unreleased.
'Manu Militari' previously released on 'Culture Revolution' by 'Culture Tapes' in 1994.
'Dust' previously released on 'Transmission Two' by Fich-Art in 1994.

First edition limited to 100#copies.

Instrumentation: Roland S-220, Korg A5, Atari Mega-St, various tape recorders.
All rights reserved 2014.

A&R: Fré De Vos
Artwork: WDG
Music: Olivier Moreau

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