In The Bathroom Of Souls And Sermons (Cassette)

Sobillator Sisters - In The Bathroom Of Souls And Sermons (FN015)

By Sobillator Sisters





A1. The Bathroom Soul
A2. Ghost Rider
A3. Sutura
A4. Muzolino
B1. Sermoneria
B2. Purpled
B3. Soul Boiler
B4. The Bells
B5. Rise

Recorded by Sermonizer at Lanzoni Studios (Bologna) in '87-'88 and self-released on Bolgia Folk (BF9).
Only a handful of cassettes were "distributed" (ie. given to friends). Remastered from original analogue tapes.
Instrumentation: tapes, found recordings, synth, box effects, mixing desk.

© Bolgia Folk/Forced Nostalgia, 2012.

A&R: Fré De Vos
Design: James Moore
Mastering: Roberto Napoli


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