Do Not Touch Them (Cassette)

Hands To - Do Not Touch Them (FN013)

By Hands To





A1. It Hinges
A2. O Canada
A3. Guerilla Jazz
A4. Drn
A5. Do Not Touch Them
A6. Who Sent You?
A7. Hysterical Rubber
A8. Disembody
A9. Cannon Dogs Crash
B1. Psychic Vents    
B2. Tibetan Hell Game
B3. The Still
B4. Conundrum
B5. Refined    
B6. Embody
Recorded by Jeph Jerman, December 1986 - April 1987 at the Hovel, Manitou Springs, Colorado.
Originally released as cassette on Big Body Parts (BBP015).

Instrumentation: Casio SK-1 sampling keyboard, several cassette decks, a four-channel mixer, AKAI stereo cassette deck.
No multitrack, all done in real time.

Limited to 100 copies with manual silkscreen (recto-verso) J-cards.
50 units silver ink on black paper, 50 units white ink on black paper.
Free download voucher included.  

Marketed and distributed by Forced Noisetalgia.
Special thanks to James.

A&R: Fré De Vos
Layout: James Moore
Artwork: Jeph Jerman

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