Noises From The Attic / Knapp (Split cassette)

Greif / Knapp ‎– Noises From The Attic / Knapp (FN007)

By Randy Greif and Knapp






Greif - Noises From The Attic
A1         Devils Of Loudon     
A2         Long Empty Afternoon     
A3         Shell Mantra Of The Dayak     
A4         The Hole To Heaven     
A5         Various Business Opportunities (voice/words by Alva Svoboda)  
A6         Woman In The Mirror     
A7         Obscene Birds     

Knapp - Knapp (Pronounce The K)
B1         HeSheIt     
B2         Vocal Claws     
B3         Zag     
B4         Planes     
B5         Mother Mary     
B6         Hot Metal     
B7         Less Than A Googol     
B8         Close

A1, A2, A4 taken from Golden Joy Club (Swinging Axe Productions, cassette, 1986)
A3, A5 taken from The Shadow Traders (Swinging Axe Productions, cassette, 1988)
A6 taken from Bloc Opératoire N°2 compilation (Medicinal Tapes, cassette, 1987)
A7 previously unreleased (1988).
Instrumentation: sampler, synthesizer, tape treatments, found sounds, percussion & electronic devices.

All tracks from side B recorded in 1984 and taken from "Out Of The Mouths Of Babes" (Masking Tapes, cassette, 1985).
Written and produced by Andy Rantzen and Justin Brandis. Editing by Hotel Delta!
Instrumentation: cassette 4-track, home organ, microphone and early digital delay pedal.

This compilation © & ℗ Forced Nostalgia 2013.

A&R: Fré De Vos
Engineering and mastering: Mark Godwin and Roberto Napoli
Layout: James Robert Moore


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