Fishbones and Wishbones (LP)

Pelican Daughters - Fishbones and Wishbones (FN001)

By Pelican Daughters





A1. Exodus
A2. The Haywain
A3. Rockaby
A4. Infiltration
B1. Insect Wing
B2. Visited
B3. Through The Sepulchre
B4. Do The Crawl


Recorded on Portastudio, 1985-1988, Sydney, Australia by Andy Rantzen, Justin Brandis, Bryce Cannon and Andrew Holmes.
Versions of this album have been previously released on tape by Cosmic Conspiracy Productions (1988), on CD by Silent Records (1991) and as download on 4-4-2 Music (2009).

Special thanks to Alex Karinsky, Kim Cascone, Adrian Elmer and Andy Lonsdale for keeping these tracks alive across the years.
This version compiled by Fré De Vos, © Forced Nostalgia, 2011.

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Design: Adrian Elmer
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